Windsurf lesson

Jericoacoara is known as one of the best Windsurfing spots worldwide as it has various conditions for all kind of levels and styles. 

For new or skilled windsurfers preferring one to one tuition with a more hands-on approach,  Xavi Surf School offers private windsurfing courses that consist of only student and qualified instructor.

If you have never been windsurfing before we guarantee to get you up and windsurfing in your very first session!


What's included

  • 3 hours of qualified windsurf instruction covering:
    • Basic windsurfing terms and safety procedures
    • Setting up and using windsurfing board and its sail components
    • Rigging of windsurfing equipment
    • Windsurfing positions
    • Points of Sailing (upwind, downwind, across the wind)
    • Steering (Gybe and Tack)
    • Weather and sea conditions.
  • Equipment rental
  • Rash guard
  • Storage for your belongings


1 hour Private Windsurf Lesson R$250/person
3 hour Private Windsurf Lessons R$700/person

Lesson times

Private Windsurf Lessons go out whenever works best for you, after all you have a private coach! 


Keeping the weather conditions in mind it is usually best between 9-11 in the morning and from 15-17 in the afternoon, when wind and sun are not too strong.


3 hours of training and practical surfing can be split into two separate sessions of one and a half hours each, or three sessions of one hour per session. This is a great way to learn and not be overwhelmed either physically or mentally.

What to bring

  • Waterproof sunscreen 
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Drinking water
  • And don't forget your brightest smile :)

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